The Addis Clinic supports and empowers frontline clinicians in some of the most remote underserved areas around the world. We invite you to join us for a meal to learn about the exciting work we are doing to restore health and bring healing to patients and their families.

Around the Table with The Addis Clinic is a meal hosted by one of our supporters or volunteers to bring their friends and family together to discuss the work of The Addis Clinic, the parallels in our lives, and the ways with which each person can support the underserved communities around the world.

What is The Addis Clinic Around The Table Program about?

Host Talking Points

Thank you for supporting the mission of The Addis Clinic and for your decision to host Around the Table with The Addis Clinic. We have outlined a few talking points below to assist you as you prepare to:

  1. host your friends and family

  2. introduce your friends and family to the work of The Addis Clinic and

  3. raise funds to support the work of The Addis Clinic

Where does the Addis Clinic partner with clinics and hospitals around the world?

  • Belize

  • Cameroon

  • Egypt

  • Ethiopia

  • Haiti

  • Kenya

  • Nigeria

  • Tanzania

The Addis Clinic provides teleconsultations in a variety of medical area but our most utilized are Family Medicine, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, General Pediatrics, Infectious Disease, OBGYN, and Emergency Medicine.

Which specialty services does The Addis Clinic provide?

  • Access to our teleconsultation platform

  • Tablet or Cell Phone

What technology is required for teleconsultations?

In 2019, The Addis Clinic is expected to provide over 1,500 consultations.

How many teleconsultations does The Addis Clinic Provide?

What is the percentage of teleconsultation services per specialty case?

  • Family Medicine (28%)

  • Pediatrics (28%)

  • Internal Medicine (14%)

  • Dermatology (11%)

  • Emergency Medicine (6%)

  • Infectious Disease (5%)

  • Other (8%)

How many physicians volunteer?

We have over 100 volunteer Physicians in 6 countries around the world.

How can you help?

Join our network of dedicated virtual volunteer physicians or tell your physician friends and colleagues about volunteering!

Connect local clinics in remote areas around the world to the Addis Clinic network. We are always expanding our reach. Please tell organizations providing care in undeserved areas about our work.

Donate to the Addis Clinic

  • $100 -Provides a teleconsult from a caring physician to a health worker serving their community

  • $200 -Provides a tablet for a health worker

  • $500 -Provides a month of on the ground technology training and support for local health workers

  • $1,000 -Allows us to recruit needed physician volunteers and onboard them to our volunteer network