Case Spotlight

The Addis Clinic connects physicians to frontline health workers, allowing for specialty care in the most remote and underserved areas.

Whenever a child is not meeting their developmental milestones it is cause for concern, yet even more so in areas of the world where access to care is severely limited due to location and lack of resources.  In most developed nations, there are early intervention programs to assist babies and toddlers with developmental and physical delays learn skills and catch up to their peers.  These programs are not available to the global partner organizations and patients we serve, making The Addis Clinic pediatric consultations so important to the children and their caregivers. 

In Tanzania, a one-month-old boy came to live at a children’s home for vulnerable children.  In the ensuing months, his caregivers and medical team found that he was not gaining weight on schedule, was often sick, and not meeting his milestones.  When he reached nine months, the local clinic serving the children’s village sent a consult to The Addis Clin including details of the patient’s past medical history and their concerns. After reviewing the case, Addis Clinic staff reached out to a volunteer pediatrician in our network with global health experience, allocating the case to her through our telemedicine platform. The ensuing conversation between the referring clinicians and consulting specialist included exchange of the patient’s monthly weight records, feeding schedules, medication regimen, and recommendations for testing and treatment.  The pediatric specialist also reinforced the developmental milestones for the clinic to consider and encourage.

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This initial consult was four months ago, and since that time the child has improved tremendously!  The most recent reports from our partner say that the patient has gained sufficient weight, and is developing extremely well. He can crawl, stand with support, and hold objects with his fingers.  He is eating solid foods, and many of the medical complaints that accompanied his initial consultation have resolved. The expertise and recommendations of our pediatric specialist resulted in a child’s development being placed back on track, allowing him to thrive and grow in an environment in which he is understood and loved. Furthermore, the staff at his home has improved knowledge that will benefit all of the children they house and care for.