Case Spotlight

The Addis Clinic connects physicians to frontline health workers, allowing for specialty care in the most remote and underserved areas.
This case shows how important the continual recruitment of a variety of specialty physicians is to the work of The Addis Clinic. The consulting physician came onboard with the Addis Clinic the day before our partner in Kenya needed assistance with a case related to his specialty.


A female patient with a known history of asthma presented at the clinic with wheezing, chest congestion, and a cough for several days. She had been treated at a local health center with no improvement. Based on lab results and x-rays, the Kenyan physician had diagnosed her with status asthmaticus and pneumonia.

Status asthmaticus is described as a life-threatening episode of airway obstruction that does not respond to standard treatments and can result in respiratory failure. Because this severe form of asthma was accompanied by pneumonia, a viral or bacterial infection is likely and needed to be treated with antibiotics. Steroids were prescribed to stop the asthma attack along with frequent nebulization and oxygen. Our pulmonary specialist advised to re-assess her symptoms frequently to prevent any worsening of the situation. The collaboration between the Kenyan and US physician allowed for the most effective treatment plan to be designed while the patient was continually cared for by the local clinician. An appropriate utilization of local resources along with specialty expertise.

(picture source: Mikael Häggström)