Case Spotlight

Read about how one of our partners used asynchronous telemedicine this month:

In early October, The Addis Clinic received a referral from East Africa describing a gentleman who had been attacked with gasoline and suffered burn injuries to his face and abdomen.  He was being attended to in a local hospital, and the physician managing his care needed additional guidance on how to proceed with such a complex case.  

In high resource areas with access to advanced medical care, this patient would have been immediately transported to a regional burn center staffed with physicians and nurses specially trained in the management of burn patients. However, due to the constraints of his location, this was not an option and the local physician treating this patient turned to The Addis Clinic to fill this specialized need.  

While we do not have a burn specialist on our team of volunteers, we do have a very experienced emergency medicine physician who agreed to take the case.  Over the course of 3 days, this volunteer physician in Pennsylvania and our partner physician in Kenya "discussed" this patient's management, status, and progress over our asynchronous telemedicine platform.  

The emergency physician requested very detailed additional information and pictures of the patient, and based on the response he received he was able to provide specific recommendations on wound management, pain control, antibiotics, hydration, and nutrition.  The patient is currently healing well, and in the next week or so the volunteer and referring physicians will discuss his progress and any further management that is needed. 

We are thankful for the referral of this case, and to be involved in this patient's care! 

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