Expanding our reach with Mr. Sylvester Gero, Telemedicine Coordinator,  IHOPE Foundation


As you may know, The Addis Clinic had the opportunity this past July to visit many of our partners in East Africa.  As part of these visits, we spent ample time brainstorming ways to better serve not only existing partners but all providers and patients throughout these communities.  One byproduct of these sessions was the decision to advertise the position of a telemedicine coordinator to work with one of our longest standing partners, the IHOPE Foundation, based out of Migori County, Kenya.  The use of telemedicine in this region has expanded at a very fast rate, and IHOPE and The Addis Clinic recognized the need for a dedicated individual on the ground to bring on new partner clinics, train new referrers, and assist in troubleshooting when issues arise.  

In September, after extensive interviews, Mr. Sylvester Gero was hired in this position, and he has already made an extraordinary impact in his new role.  Mr. Gero holds a Diploma in Clinical Medicine & Surgery, has worked in a DigiMedicine program and has a wide knowledge of health facilities and the handling of patients on a day to day basis.  In his first month on the job, Mr. Gero has already connected The Addis Clinic with two new clinics and trained them in such a way that they are already submitting cases.  This is an exciting development and we are very happy to have him as part of our team!