Case Spotlight

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For one of our final cases in November, The Addis Clinic received the urgent referral of a 2-year-old boy in Kenya who presented to his local clinic with a 4-day history of seizures, high fever and jaundice. While at the clinic he developed difficulty breathing and became increasingly dehydrated as he actively seized. The clinical officer treating him ran an initial panel of tests which revealed that the young child was positive for malaria and had a low level of hemoglobin in his blood. The clinician was concerned about potential cerebral malaria and sent the case to The Addis Clinic, as he knew the patient needed to be treated quickly and might not have the opportunity for transport to a higher level of care.

The case came in over a weekend, and despite this, we quickly found multiple volunteers available and willing to consult on the case.  A volunteer pediatrician responded with multiple recommendations on how to approach treatment based on the detailed case information sent by the clinician in Kenya.  Using our asynchronous telemedicine system, the physician walked the clinical officer on the ground through multiple methods for breaking the patient’s seizures, treating the malaria, rehydrating the child and monitoring his blood count.  The volunteer’s detailed assistance took many variables into account, to include medication and testing availability, which is very important when critical care is being managed in such a remote and low resource setting. 

Two days later we were thrilled to receive an update that the boy was rapidly improving after receiving the treatment recommended by our volunteer.  We look forward to following his continued recovery and are grateful for the hard work and dedication of time and talent by everyone involved in this case!