Sidelined by Injury

We all know that illness and injury can lead to financial stress, as it forces us to miss work, lose out on pay, and maybe even risk the loss of employment altogether.  When this is combined with the high cost of medical care, it can have devastating effects for patients and their families. One trip to the doctor in Kenya might equal an entire month's salary. Now, imagine being an athletic trainer in Meru who has been sidelined by a wound that will not heal.  

athletic-african-man-working-out-with-dumbbells-gym_130388-52 (1).jpg

Four months ago, "John" scratched his ankle on a nail and thought little of it.  Two weeks later, however, his ankle started to swell. He went to a local dispensary where he was given a tetanus shot and antibiotics.  This intervention did little to help, and he sought more help from a local clinical officer after the site worsened.  The wound was cleaned and dressed, and again he was placed on oral and topical antibiotics to fight the infection.  

Unfortunately, the infection worsened even after another round of trips to the local clinician for debridement and medication. "John" needed to return to work, and his clinical officer understood this urgency better than most. He sent the case to The Addis Clinic, hoping one of our 100 physician volunteers could resolve the issue. 

Dr. Megan Cahill, a family medicine professor at the Medical College of Georgia, offered a couple of new recommendations - drain and debride the wound again, leave it open, initiate another round of different antibiotics, and continue wound care twice a week until healed. These simple, easy to understand recommendations were performed by the clinical officer who sent the case.  Just this week he sent us a new picture of the wound and saying, β€œThe patient was so thankful to Dr. Cahill for the help since he had stayed with the wound for 3 months and now he's back doing great.”  

"John" is back in the gym, training his clients, and providing for his family - all because of one tele-consultation facilitated by The Addis Clinic.  If you believe that every patient deserves high-quality care, then join our campaign to create health equity throughout the world. You can start here.