An exciting first for The Addis Clinic - we have been published!

As I am certain many of our physician volunteers remember, last Fall we filled their inboxes with repeated requests to participate in our Volunteer Motivation Study.  So many of you graciously took the time to edit, test, or complete this important survey. 

The study was conceived in our board room at the beginning of May of 2018 by our entire team, and today, after 15 months of planning and execution, our results were published!  Our original research article, "Motivations and Barriers Associated with Physician Volunteerism for an International Telemedicine Organization", can be found in the journal, Frontiers in Public Health.

This is very exciting for The Addis Clinic, and is just the first step in what we know will be our continued contribution to the body of knowledge surrounding international telemedicine.    

Finally, THANK YOU! If not for your belief in our work, participation in the survey, and continued daily dedication to our partners and their patients, none of our accomplishments would be possible. We are honored to have you as part of The Addis Clinic community.