We utilize technology to bring specialty care to remote and underserved areas around the world.

Through partnerships with local organizations, we connect frontline health workers with our network of volunteer physicians to bring specialized care where it is needed most. Frontline health workers have access to our telemedicine system through a web browser or app on their mobile device, and provide patient information through our physician designed templates. We assign each case to the most appropriate physician in our volunteer network, where they review vital signs, symptoms, medical history, x-rays, and other images or videos provided by the referring clinician. The consulting physician has direct access to the referring frontline health worker on the ground, giving them the ability to ask questions, recommend further tests, medications, or advise a referral to a local hospital or clinic, if needed. Because the platform allows the frontline health worker in remote areas to communicate with volunteer physicians regularly, patients receive continuous care from expert providers while the ultimate responsibility of patient care falls in the hands of the frontline health worker.

The Addis Clinic Model

The Addis Clinic partners with established organizations working on the ground in remote and underserved areas of the world. These partners continue to operate their clinic, hospital, or community-based health program and support the cost of staffing, medications, lab visits, and other medical and operational fees. The Addis Clinic supplements their work with specialty telemedicine consultations, substantially increasing the support to their clinicians and the quality of care provided to their patients in a cost effective way.

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The Technology

The Addis Clinic partners with Collegium Telemedicus, a leader in asynchronous telemedicine for remote and low-resource areas. The Collegium Telemedicus platform is designed to account for issues of limited connectivity and is friendly for users that are not experienced with technology.