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We work to increase the capacity of local organizations to provide specialized, community-based care and bring clinical education and collaboration to the local health workforce.


How can partnering with The Addis Clinic support our organization?

Given the limited availability of specialty, sub-specialty, and physician care in areas around the world, The Addis Clinic exists to connect volunteer physicians with local organizations providing frontline healthcare to vulnerable and underserved populations. The Addis Clinic strives to create a collaborative arrangement that further advances the care available to patients and provides educational benefits to the in-country providers.


What types of organizations partner with The Addis Clinic?

We serve organizations with the common goal of reducing the disparity in health care faced by the most vulnerable members of their communities. The structure of our partner organizations vary, but all provide medical care in areas around the world in remote or underserved areas. We provide telemedicine consultations to community based programs, medical clinics, hospitals, and residential homes for children. Our consultations are individual to each case and our service can be utilized by any level of frontline health worker.


Is there a fee for consultations from The Addis Clinic?

The Addis Clinic provides our telemedicine service for no cost to our partner organizations. Each organization is responsible for ensuring that the patients are not charged an additional fee for the consultation.

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